Welcome to our school

Södertörns friskola is located in the town Huddinge, a suburb close to Stockholm. It has approximately 450 pupils spanning grades 6-9. At the school, the pupils can choose among four profiles of study. These profiles are: Music and Drama, Art, Global, and Science. In addition, the school has a cozy, welcoming atmosphere and is situated very close to nature.

Contact us

Södertörns friskola
Björnkullaringen 42
141 51 Huddinge

Headmaster: Gun Lindqvist
Telephone number: 004686071876
Email: gun.lindqvist@friskola.nu
Deputy headmaster: Bogdan Tylmad
Telephone number: 004686071884
Email: bogdan.tylmad@friskola.nu
Deputy headmaster: Lena Marklund
Telephone number: 0046735930852
Email: lena.marklund@friskola.nu
Deputy headmaster: Patrik Bergman
Telephone number: 0046840951806
Email: patrik.bergman@friskola.nu